Braima Sambu

Please introduce yourself:

My name is Braima Sambu. I am the program manager of BandimOnline the first e-commerce platform made in Guinea-Bissau. Passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation, I am also the program assistant manager at InnovaLab ( a social business, InnovaLab fosters entrepreneurial ecosystem development and creates social impact by supporting venture creation and entrepreneurship.

What is BandimOnline ? Why does this platform matter?

BandimOnline (bandimonline.stote) is a digital Marketplace where local and international companies and customers can purchase fresh agricultural products 100% Bio, from Bissau-Guinean farmers. BandimOnline is revolutionizing the marketplace through its unique aggregation and distribution network. Revenue is generated through B2B and B2C sales and subscriptions.

In other hand is a platform “Made in Guinea-Bissau” which aims to facilitate the lives of our producers, give them a large scale of market and consumers on a national level but also international. We have the cashew for example, that we mostly export abroad. There are numerous products that we feel proud of.

Why don’t we promote these through a digital way? Those are the main reasons:

BandimOnline incubated by “InnovaLab” is the first e-commerce of this kind created by young Bissau-Guinean the change providers. Behind the platform, there is legal work, with all the regulatory conditions of sale, delivery, consumer protection, which will encourage buyers to rely on this new type of payment and transaction.

Braima Sambu

How has your participation to our Cluster last year helped you develop your platform?

My participation in the Cluster in 2017 has helped me a lot. It was the first TIF held in my country where I participated with all my strength to learn something and to know more about how to increase revenues by using technical innovations. Although, I started my activity before, and then after the cluster I strongly wanted to move forward especially in Agritechs. Indeed, I wanted to know how to find the solution for the problem that can be identified in a specific community, with the help of new technologies.

Why do you thing this kind of event is important?

In my opinion, it is really important because when you are a young entrepreneur, I believe you need to participate in any kind of event that going to help you to grow and to find the possible ways to move forward and to be successful. Even if you are not a professional yet but want to succeed in your area, it is mandatory to be a part of such type of event. BandimOnline improved a lot after this for instance. In the other hand, it has helped us to share your idea with others, you learn from them and they learn from you too.

Braima Sambu

You won the Edition of SeedStars Bissau 2018, what will bring this support?

Yes, BandimOnline is the winner of Seedstars Bissau 2018 and that just only the beginning of a new chapter, now we’re attending Seedstars Summit 2019 running for the big price $500K, we are still strongly confident that BandimOnline will came home with a big surprise.

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