Maria Richard is a Marketing Strategist and CEO at Management 24 

Management 24

Native from the United States, she grew up in Mississipi.

She has accepted to exchange with O.S.E.R. L’Afrique about her journey, herself, her background her life, her actions, convictions, and future projects*.

« In 2015, Maria was a 20-something independent contractor who had no concept of a work-life balance. Her tenacious work ethic made her an instant attraction to anyone seeking to accelerate the growth of their business, so she worked and worked and worked to exceed the expectations of her clients. »

She unveils her journey with our Head of communication, Michelle Moutymbo, in the video below.

*This video was shot on April 30th, 2020.

Maria Richard

It’s been a rough ride for me over the past two or three years, it has been absolutely hell…and I have had to learn recently that happiness is a choice …and I fully embrace my responsibility to choose happiness.

The interview was done by Michelle MOUTYMBO

O.S.E.R. L’Afrique