2 mars 2018

Connecting women

Global Brands celebrate AfriCAN Women in Leadership on 8 March 2018.  


Yves Rocher, CBRE, Grant Thornton, Women in Leadership Publication and Le Petit Event are excited about being among the first brands to celebrate AfriCAN women leadership in a unique event in the UK on March 8th: AfriCAN Business Women Forum 2018.  These top brands are proud to participate in an event designed explicitly for female leadership as a determinant factor for the transformation of Africa and the rest of the world.

The companies involved are opening their doors to AfriCAN women, appreciating their work and celebrating their strength and their beauty. Diversity is also at the heart of this special day which brings together women from various backgrounds and geographies that are determined to reinforce bridges of opportunities between different worlds and especially between Africa and Europe.

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In perfect harmony with the International Women’s Day, the event will be held with the involvement of influential female leaders and will include networking, communication, discussion and success stories share-out. The speakers are women of extraordinary creative force that are shaping Africa and the world. It’s a reminder to commemorate the movement for women’s rights, highlight achievements and keep in mind that everywhere in the world they CAN get the chance to perform and provide innovative solutions for economic, social or political endeavours.

The forum will highlight how the tireless energy of AfriCAN women and women in general has a determinant impact on the transformation of the continent and the rest of the world. The positive effects of this event also lie on empowering emerging female leaders: with fresh ideas and models to emulate come the assurance that they CAN make it.


About Le Petit Event 

Le Petit Event offers world-class services requiring an excellent intercultural understanding. With many events organized in Africa and Europe, Le Petit Event brings together an elite clientele that is eager to benefit from the remarkable assets between two worlds of opportunities.

Le Petit Event headquarters is in London.


For more information : www.lepetitevent.com

Press contact: +44 (0)2038021798

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