26 juin 2017

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Does your company have its Duty of Care covered while you are traveling?

During this workshop, participants will be divided into groups where they will then work on a scenario of a terrorist attack at a hotel abroad. Both medical and security issues will be addressed and how they can be dealt with.

During the workshop you will learn more about:

  • to what extent you can help your organization to manage a mobile workforce incident in Africa;
  • how other companies deal with major mobile workforce incidents;
  • what the main challenges are during incident management;
  • which stakeholders should be involved;
  • key medical and travel security risks you need to be aware of in Africa.


Registration fee is €50 excl. VAT


NABC events
July 06, 2017 / 9h30 am – 1h30 pm
Say Buildings John M. Keynesplein 3
3rd floor, Amsterdam

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